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CUE Protocol
A community driven protocol with deflationary mechanics.
The CUEX IDO has ended

What now?

Below are the details for the timeline of listing, claiming and staking.


The listing will go live at 9 pm (UTC) on 27th September 2021.


Claiming will be available at 9 pm (UTC) on 27th September 2021 for IDO buyers.

Private sale buyers will have this sent to their wallets…

CUE Protocol <> Chainlink

We’re excited to announce that CUE Protocol — an IDO Launchpad and NFT marketplace — is integrating Chainlink Price Feeds and Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Binance Smart Chain. …

CUE Launchpad

The CUE Launchpad is now ready!

Our latest product is now ready, and we have now opened applications for projects to apply for an IDO with us.

Click to enquire about launching your project with CUE Launchpad

Two types of IDO’s can be launched:

  • The CUE Protocol team endorses a CUED IDO, and we will provide…


Starter IDO

As the Starter IDO did not occur due to not having enough time to accumulate the votes needed, we have decided that our own IDO launched on the CUE launchpad will have a bonus system.

The maximum bonus in the IDO is 20%.

What about Private Sale investors?

You have not been forgotten. All private sale investors will receive a 20% bonus on their investment.

These will be added as a separate transaction as the smart contract was already deployed.

The bonus will be distributed after your initial distribution.

Can we take part in the IDO?

Yes, of course, it is a separate sale with zero restrictions.

As long as you have BNB in your wallet, you are good to go.

Thank you for your continued support.

CUE Protocol Launches the CUE Launchpad with CUEX

The plan has changed

Due to having to pass a vote at Starter for our original first IDO with only 36 hours until IDO opening, we have not had enough time to accumulate the votes for the IDO at Starter to go ahead.

What Now?

As you know, we were doing our own IDO after the…

Our first IDO remains on on Friday 10th September, but there are a few changes.

There are criteria to meet to become a certified IDO, and CUE Protocol met all of them and was undergoing the last step, KYC.

We attempted to get KYC but ran out of time…

CUE Protocol Development Update

Many things are happening at CUE as we evolve from a project to a living, breathing entity.

August will be a landmark month for CUE Protocol, to say the least.


We understand that delays are frustrating and we do not like making decisions that delay products, but we must release…

CUEX — By CUE Protocol

The CUEX Private Sale for CUE holders is upon us.

All CUE holders will be able to participate if they hold enough CUE for the minimum tier, which is 3 CUE for a 1 BNB investment.

The private sale will officially launch on Friday 16th July at 18:00 UTC.

We have moved it one day…

CUEX by CUE Protocol

CUE Protocol launches a second token (CUE, allowing the development team to enter the DeFi space.

The second token will enable us to grow our ecosystem even bigger than originally planned.

CUEX will be a taxed token that features an automatic market maker providing liquidity to CUEX & CUE tokens…

CUE Development Update — 18th June 2021

We are 12 weeks into our roadmap, and we have exceeded our own expectations from a development perspective.

Due to some governance votes, including development in the governance budget, we have been able to have additional development on top of our roadmap, such as:

  • NFT Library
  • NFT Marketplace as opposed…

CUE Protocol

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