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CUE Protocol
A community driven protocol with deflationary mechanics.


The Lottery platform is almost ready and we hope to roll out the first one next week.


The NFT platform is on track and is still due to be released in May with our first NFT collection, which has already been designed. It will bring out the bull in you.

Stay tuned for previews!


✅ We have started the development of our staking platform. This includes vesting periods and limited spaces will be available for stakers based on the pool size, so stay tuned for more updates on this. 👀


✅ CUEDiligence is in testing with…


We have multiple videos live and also more coming this week with various YouTuber’s ranging from 10,000 subscribers to 100,000 subscribers.

New Twitter Influencers

Are starting this week.

Previous Twitter Influencers

These will continue their great work this week.

5–6 comps already made with our promo partner

These have been effective to boost awareness and also boot our trending ranking CoinGecko, CoinStats and Twitter.

MEME contest finished

This was a hugely successful campaign with thousands of likes and retweets as well as follows and new telegram members.

Featured on BSC News

Featured on their Twitter and also pinned which…

🔥 Marketing Update 🔥

✅ We are attacking on all fronts such as social media, AMA’s, listings such as Blockfolio including around 9+ others and Ad campaigns.

✅ We brought in a marketing partner yesterday to help with the marketing side and getting structures in place and to also use their contacts, this is a long term arrangement. ❤️

✅ The aim is to grow organically, no pump and dump and create trust with all crypto communities.

✅ Our social media has improved in our first day. We have gained high end followers with large follower bases and bigger accounts…

See the below transcript for this AMA below:

How is going your day?

Very busy, the last 2.5 weeks have been a whirlwind, but it’s been great and we are excited.

Important events coming for cue protocol, right?

Indeed. Lot’s happening right now, we are currently executing our marketing phase which is going very well.

We are also deep into building our second dapp, so it’s all system go right now. 😉

Well! Let’s start!
Please introduce yourself. How did you get to be involved in crypto & Cue Protocol?

As a team we have been around for a while…

CUEDiligence | RUG Prevention and DYOR platform.

Here is a bit more information on our upcoming apps which are being developed right now.

The reason we decided to name ourselves as a “protocol” was so we did not have to pigeon hole ourselves as a specific sector within crypto. If we have a great idea we want to build it and have these great ideas in one place all using the same token.

For instance, we are building a dapp to help crypto investors avoid getting rugged on potential investments which is happening every day. Even us developers have fallen victim to these on the odd occasion.

Our DAPP tokenomics

Leading up to our pre-sale, here is more details around what type of tokenomics our dapps will have.

Our B2B dapps are intended to create buy pressure for our token to use our services. We have a nice % share between company profit and governance, meaning all services will be paid in CUE. This CUE will then be divided up into company funds and governance funds.

For example the community could decide to burn tokens received in the governance wallet for these services, meaning every-time we sell our service the supply decreases.

This gives our token model an extremely great…

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