CUEX v2.0 Tokenomics

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2 min readNov 29, 2021
CUEX v2.0 Tokenomics


We have entirely changed the tokenomics in CUEX v2.0 due to the ever-changing world of DeFi, and recent enhancements seen across DeFi in recent months.


The tax remains at 10% and can be changed at any point via governance voting.

New Tax Splits

There is no reflection now.

This confused people before as reflections did not happen during staking.

The 10% tax is now split into the following:

  • 5% liquidity
  • 5% Treasury.

Liquidity %

Used to build our liquidity on PancakeSwap V2. We can reduce this % once liquidity is built up.

Treasury %

The most significant aspect of our change!

The treasury funds will be used to invest in other DeFi solutions across many chains, such as BSC, ETH, AVAX, FTM and Solana.

The treasury will allow us to run a type of hedge fund for CUEX.

Funds earned from profits will be used for CUEX buybacks, BNB rewards for holders, liquidity boosters, marketing activities and other things such as CUE buybacks.

For instance, we can split the treasury funds to invest in safe yields on other platforms and use the interest gained to benefit our system and provide BNB rewards for our holders and other benefits.

BNB payouts will happen over time, and we can decide on the threshold together once it gets going.

All tracked in our dashboard.


Treasury profits will provide marketing.


Staking pools will be back and holders will still qualify for the BNB reward payouts.


CUEX is changing for the better, which will give CUEX an attractive proposition even without staking.

Staking pools will return and will be more simplified.

Looking at projects out there doing similar incentives, the treasury can be massive quite quickly, and users will earn BNB, and you can stake at the same time!

Buybacks will ensure deflation, plus liquidity will be built using the buybacks too.

The treasury investment fund will be split up, and it will be trackable too in our dashboard. The fund will be risked assessed often, and funds can be pulled or invested based on this.

Even the safest plays in stable staking can provide up to 20% risk-free on treasury funds. If the treasury had $1M, this is $200,000 per year, $10M is $2M per year.

If we invest a small portion of funds into something like $TIME or other DAO DeFi systems, our daily yield is exceptional with little risk to the treasury.

Welcome to CUEX Capital!




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