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2 min readApr 4, 2022
Farmer NFT

What is it?

The Farmer NFT is a utility-based NFT which gives its holders access to premium CUEX Capital staking pools.

These premium pools can be CCAP pools or NFT pools.

What is the difference between free pools and premium pools?

Free pools are limited rate (APR) pools that give far lower rewards than an NFT Farmer premium pool.

For instance, our open pool is giving 9.36% APR returns.

The premium pools can be between 10x and 20x higher.

NFT pools will only be available to NFT Farmer holders as premium pools.

How can I get the Farmer NFT?

If you qualified for the CCAP migration back in January, you can claim here:

If you do not, don't worry, you can purchase one here:

Beware that the NFT goes up in price every ten sales!

First Premium Pools

There will be three premium pools and a buy competition for NFT farmer holders.

  1. The 90-day pool will be replaced with a new 90-day pool exclusive to Farmer NFT holders.
  2. A new open pool will be added exclusively to Farmer NFT holders.
  3. An NFT pool will open too, which will allow you to earn our next utility-based NFT.
  4. NFT Farmers will also be able to enter a CCAP buy competition; the more CCAP bought over a period of time will yield a maximum discount of 40% on any Node purchased when Nodes launch.

The buy competition starts with immediate effect (05/04/2022) and it will end 01/05/2022 00:00.

Every $500 of $CCAP purchased will count towards a 10% discount on nodes to a maximum of 40%, you must hold at least until your node is minted.

$500 dollar intervals can be bought in smaller amounts as long as you hit $500 (10%), $1,000 (20%), $1,500 (30%), $2,000 (40%)within the timeframe.

The current open pool at 9.35% APR will remain available to everyone.




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