CUEX public IDO ends

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1 min readSep 27, 2021


The CUEX IDO has ended

What now?

Below are the details for the timeline of listing, claiming and staking.


The listing will go live at 9 pm (UTC) on 27th September 2021.


Claiming will be available at 9 pm (UTC) on 27th September 2021 for IDO buyers.

Private sale buyers will have this sent to their wallets, so you have nothing to do unless you participated in the public IDO.

Private sale buyers will have their tokens sent before the token is tradeable.


The tax system and AMM will be disabled for the first hour after listing to give investors the chance to move wallets.

This also means people will be able to buy tax-free for 1 hour after listing.

The tax will then be enabled, and a 10% tax will be applied on all transactions.


The first staking pool will go live 24 hours after listing. This is to ensure the AMM gets up and running and allows us to monitor everything sequentially.

The first staking pool will be a CUEX single staking pool.

Followed by a CUEX/BNB LP pool.

Other pools will be added too.

Thanks to all who participated.




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