CUEX Capital Nodes, DAO and Investment Strategy

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2 min readFeb 24, 2022
CUEX Capital Nodes, DAO and Investment Strategy


Our DAO platform is now LIVE.

We can create any vote on the usage of the treasury, such as projects to invest in or the employment of pro farmers to handle the treasury for us. Pro farmers have been utilised in projects such as MCC, REFI and EXPO to good effect.

The DAO is not finished and will be given a new UI.

The new UI will allow holders to create proposals.

Other holders can then vote on these proposals to see if the proposal passes and becomes an actual CUEX Capital DAO vote.

Proposals are another step to autonomous voting.

Proposals allow any holder to propose an idea, and the community can vote whether it should pass for official voting.


We are excited to announce that CUEX Captial is working on an NFT based node system.

Nodes will give additional passive income to holders who acquire nodes.

  • Holders can acquire multiple nodes
  • Nodes will have various levels
  • There will likely be three node types

Each node type will give its holder additional daily passive income separate from staking, reflections or claims.

These nodes will earn from the treasury using a separate fund in the future.

This fund will invest in new token launches for the opportunity of greater profits. Nodes will then earn dividends from this fund.

An NFT will represent nodes. By acquiring a CUEX Capital “Node NFT”, you are guaranteed dividends from the fund via a claim function in the CUEX Capital Dashboard.

Nodes will give CCAP a new level of passive income along with staking and reflections and treasury profit claiming.

Nodes Become Valuable

As your node starts earning significant income and is an NFT of limited supply, it can appreciate in value.

Holders of nodes can trade them and sell them on the NFT market like any other NFT.

Imagine the value of a limited NFT that earns passive income by holding it.

Holders of Node NFTs can connect to the CUEX Dashboard and claim its rewards, as it's the node that earns the income, not the holder.

Investment Strategy

Treasury investments will start once CCAP maintains a $1–2M market cap.

Investments will start in blue chips, and a large proportion will be kept in USD to take advantage of dips and bear market situations.

Investments in startups will also take place in the future, and these profits, as mentioned above, will become dividends for holders of Nodes.

We also plan to employ a pro-farmer/investor in the future, and we are in touch with a few already for when this time comes.

Thank you for reading.



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