CUEX Capital Relaunch Vote

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2 min readJan 21, 2022
CUEX Capital Relaunch Vote

The Vote

CUEX Capital is holding a token vote for token holders to vote on the launch options for the re-launch of the new token.

How to Vote

Ensure you have claimed CCAP tokens from the CUEX Capital dashboard

Then head over to to take part in the vote.

One vote per address holding CCAP.

Option 1:

Launch at the price before the exploit.

In this case, liquidity will likely be too low to trade. So launch maybe a bit later on when we raise more funds.

The other issue is if people dump or exit into this low liquidity on launch, it will likely make for an ugly chart. It could ruin the token going forward as liquidity value will decrease massively.

We understand the need for the token to be back at the pre-exploit price asap, but we feel this option is just exit liquidity for very few people, and those remaining would be hurt.

Option 2:

Fair launch at low price on PancakeSwap.

This allows us to get back to pre-exploit price quickly but with good liquidity, as liquidity will multiply with the price.

For instance, we launch at a low market cap (the pre-exploit market cap was around $100,000) of $10,000-$15,000 market cap. From here, our liquidity can grow. When we hit the pre-exploit price of $100,000 market cap, our liquidity will be almost back to that of pre-exploit, and the project will be back as it was.

It gives us a chance to get new holders onboard as well as it will be like a new launch.

New holders and buys will bring the market cap back to pre-exploit quite quickly whilst ensuring that liquidity is brought back too as liquidity grows with price/market cap.


We believe option two to be the best way forward to reboot the token and give us back our liquidity faster so we can appeal to new investors and help re-launch the project for existing holders.

Existing holders will have a short time of price being down but know that liquidity will recover when the price hits pre-exploit levels, which will take no time at this price point as it will move quickly.

New holders and existing holders also have the chance to buy at this low price point (if they want to).

It also protects the chart and paints a brighter outlook.

The volume will be present, and taxes for the treasury will be collected.

And in these market conditions, we can take advantage of the low BNB price, which will also grow liquidity as BNB and the market conditions get better.

It’s up to you!




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