CUEX Capital Details and FAQ

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3 min readFeb 7, 2022
CUEX Capital (CCAP)

The Launch

All token holders unanimously voted to have a fair launch at a low market cap to ensure we can rebuild liquidity and give everyone a chance to buy at a super low price, including new potential investors.

The launch will happen on PancakeSwap, and it will value the token at between $10,000 and $15,000 market cap. The definite market cap can only be calculated upon adding liquidity.

Liquidity will multiply and allow us to achieve previous price levels very quickly.

Liquidity will be locked for three-month intervals using Team.Finance.

When will the launch happen?

We aim for the week commencing the 21st February — 25th February for the fair launch.

Will there be a private sale round?

No, we are exploring opening OTC (over the counter sales) for 24 hours at a slightly higher rate than fair launch for liquidity generation pre-fair launch.

Participants would be required to do a mandatory token lock of 3 months.

We will confirm any details (if any) for this.

What about the farmer NFT for LP providers?

All previous LP providers will be sent this NFT before the end of February.

This NFT will give them access to a new pool once the current 90-day pool ends.

What about the free NFT for all previous CUEX holders?

These will be sent out by the end of February.

This NFT will be a series one NFT of our choosing.

What other pools are coming?

We will have the 90-day pool, a 30-day pool and an LP pool.

We will maintain three pools only to ensure rewards remain high.

What happens when staking ends?

Staking will last a while, at least until the end of this year but hopefully into 2023 too.

When staking ends, we will turn on reflections, so holders get a transaction fee %.

You will also get dividends from the treasury investments once the treasury grows from taxes and we farm other projects.

You can then claim dividends, too, as well as earning reflection or staking rewards.

CCAP will allow you to earn on two fronts, unlike the original CUEX (v1).

What is the treasury?

The CCAP treasury collects 5% of all transaction fees, and 5% goes into liquidity.

We then use this for marketing and investments in the projects such as farming.

A % of profits from these investments are then released to holders via dividends, which holders can claim via the CCAP dashboard.

Imagine we invest a large sum into a farming project earning great rewards; the profits are then given to holders as dividends.

So you can claim dividends and staking rewards, which means double the earning prospects in CCAP.

The treasury will be used to fund buybacks and marketing too.


Dividends will be paid in their respective investment token or BNB.


If we invest in LINK, you will claim the dividend as LINK or convert the LINK to BNB and get paid out in BNB instead.

The dashboard

The new dashboard will track staking, reflections, the treasury balance, and all treasury investments, buybacks and marketing.

You will see how all invested assets are performing down to every dollar/cent.


We are back, and this new token and journey will be electric. We have built Defi 3.0 with staking and reflections covered and earning rewards via dividends.



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