CUEX Update — 29/10/2021

CUE Protocol
1 min readOct 29, 2021


CUEX Development Update

The landscape of our pools will evolve month by month.

The single pool will be replaced and will have a paper hands withdrawal fee.

🔐 The 60-day pool will be unlocked and replaced with multiple timelocks, the higher timelock you choose, the higher rate you get, each pool will contain very small withdrawal fee’s, which over time won’t be noticed by stakers, but it will help the system re-circulate and even burn tokens.

- 30 days

- 90 days

- 365 days

🤩 We will be releasing a new LP pool to replace our current pool as well as creating a CUEX/BUSD pool, these pools will tax with the AMM, these have the highest rates to encourage liquidity providers.

🎁 NFT pools are arriving hopefully today. These work by staking CUEX (min amount) and it locks them until the NFT is earned. The more CUEX staked the faster you earn the NFT. There will be 3 of these to start with.

🤞The compensation should be claimable today, but we are awaiting the final response from the auditor, so we can’t guarantee it, fingers crossed. Failing today, I have been told definitely Monday latest.



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