Development Update 23/07/2021

CUE Protocol Development Update

Many things are happening at CUE as we evolve from a project to a living, breathing entity.

August will be a landmark month for CUE Protocol, to say the least.


We understand that delays are frustrating and we do not like making decisions that delay products, but we must release products, which can be useful from the start. Otherwise, they will be received in an underwhelming way.

As you know, Cuediligence has been undergoing data mining to ensure that many projects are already listed on the platform with useful data.

We outsourced this work to an admin team who are collecting and inputting data into our database to launch with many known projects listed so that the platform can be used from the get-go.

This work as of Tuesday is around 60% complete. The team is working their way through lots of BSC projects and gathering information such as team info, token sale(s) info, social media accounts, audits and KYC, and many more.

We estimate that BETA will launch around the 13th of August based on their latest report.

An official date will be released very soon.


We want to thank all CUE holders who invested in the private sale and would like to pinpoint why it was advantageous to do so.

  1. Guaranteed entry to buy tokens before the public IDO.
  2. No need to buy the launchpad token to take part in the IDO.
  3. Larger allocations were given than the IDO up to 20 BNB. The IDO will be limited to 3 BNB.
  4. CUE Soldier NFT for 5 BNB+ investors.
  5. CUE branded Ledger Nano for 10 BNB+ investors.
  6. If you keep hold of your CUE, you will qualify for the CUEX airdrop in 3–6 months.


The public IDO will take place in early August. The decision was made since the crypto market sentiment shifted in the last 5 days or so and gives us time to get a partnership over the line before the IDO starts.

CUEX IDO Price and Pancake Listing Price

It has been decided that the CUEX IDO price will be the same as the private sale price as originally announced.

The pancake listing price will be between $0.00005 and $0.000056.

The CUEX private sale price was around $0.000035.

Remember, only the first buyer on Pancake gets $0.000056. After this, each buy pushes the price up each time.


Our CUEX smart contract is undergoing checks, and we are in a queue. As soon as we have more info on this, we will announce it, but multiple auditors will be auditing the contract.


We have been approached by a multi-billion dollar market cap project to integrate their products into our CUE Ecosystem.

After a very successful Zoom call, we found ways to improve our dapps.

Each integration will come with co-marketing using social media and articles and a potential YouTube AMA in the future.

So stay tuned.


After our successful private sale, and to be honest, we actually had this in mind when creating the contract.

CUE Protocol will launch its own BSC launchpad within our CUE Hub and help incubate new projects.

These new projects will be listed on Cuediligence too.

Projects will be able to self list, and these will be unofficial project launches.

Projects can also apply for CUE incubation status, and CUE holders will be able to accept or reject these projects via our DAO voting. This will give projects a better chance during their IDO as they will be community-approved.

Projects will pay in BNB to list:

  1. 60% will go to the team funds.
  2. 40% will be used to buy back CUE and give to those who participated in the DAO voting.

If no DAO voting occurred (unofficial projects), the 40% will be used to buy back CUE and distribute to CUE Soldier, Strong Hands and Diamond Hands NFT holders.


Stay tuned for next week as we release our VISION article.




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