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3 min readSep 10, 2021


CUE Protocol Launches the CUE Launchpad with CUEX

The plan has changed

Due to having to pass a vote at Starter for our original first IDO with only 36 hours until IDO opening, we have not had enough time to accumulate the votes for the IDO at Starter to go ahead.

What Now?

As you know, we were doing our own IDO after the Starter IDO, so we will continue with this but changed things up a bit.

The IDO will remain at 2,000 BNB hard cap, and the IDO price will be the same at 0.00000012 BNB.

Our own IDO will now run with an initial whitelist feature. This is not mandatory, but if completed, it will entitle you to 6 BNB rather than 3 BNB.

Whitelisted addresses = up to 6BNB.

Non-Whitelisted addresses = up to 3 BNB.

You can invest once per address, but you can use multiple addresses if you wish.

i.e. If you wish to invest 1 BNB but later want to invest another 2 BNB, you will need to use another BEP20 address.

This gives you a chance to double your max allocation with our whitelisting.

How will we whitelist?

Go to the launchpad (when we deploy it) and go to the CUEX IDO. You can click a whitelist button here, which will add your address to our whitelist and grant you the bigger allocation when it comes to investing.

You still need to invest as normal when the IDO opens as whitelisting does not guarantee allocation, but it grants the higher allocation should you be successful.

When will it happen

The first IDO (CUEX) on The CUE Launchpad will be launched in the following phases:

Saturday 11th September 2021 @ 5PM UTC.

A whitelist period will open before the sale commences. This will allow you to whitelist for the higher allocation of 6 BNB per address.

Monday 13th September 2021 @ 5PM UTC

The whitelist will close, and the chance to have the higher allocation will have expired, meaning the max investment will be 3 BNB per address when the sale commences.

Monday 13th September 2021 @ 6PM UTC

Our first IDO will start!

Here whitelisters and non-whitelisters will join the IDO and send BNB to the presale contract or use our launchpad dapp.

Whitelisted addresses = up to 6BNB.

Non-Whitelisted addresses = up to 3 BNB.

The sale will run for 14 days or when the hard cap is met, whatever comes first.

There are zero restrictions on participation. As long as you have BNB in your wallet, you can participate.

A surprise!

As a surprise, and because it’s our first IDO launch, we will give the first 50 investors a 20% bonus.

The next 50 investors after this will get a 10% bonus.

The next 50 investors after this will get a 5% bonus.

The Launchpad

From Monday 13th September, we start accepting applications from projects for our Launchpad.

The launchpad and incubation by CUE Protocol have arrived and is an integral part of CUE and CUEX products with integration into our current products.

So stay tuned!




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