CUE Protocol — The Bitcoin Wardrobe Partnership

CUE Protocol has been releasing New things, constantly, since the very beginning of it, building and testing New platforms and Dapps on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the fastest developing Chain on the Market!

Voting Dapp, NFT Market Place, CUE Diligence Dapp etc are just some of the many projects the CUE Protocol Team is planning on releasing this year only, with most of them almost ready to get released to the public and offer a complete new Crypto Experience with Innovation being the standard approach

So…beside of all the Technical stuff that are necessary and crucial for the safe and rapid development of the CUE Protocol Platform, there is one thing that some times ,-or one could say most of the times- is more important than the Tech itself… That thing is Adoption!

And…Adoption happens when you can use your favorite CryptoCurrency in order to buy Goods! Goods that they’re either Physical or Digital.

So CUE Protocol has Partnered with the Famous Online Store ‘’The Bitcoin Wardrobe’’!

The Bitcoin Wardrobe Store provides a Vast variety and diversity of products like T-Shirts, Beachwear, Flags, Crop Tops, Polo Shirts, Face Masks Hoodies, Mugs and others…

CUE will have its dedicated Section in the Store filled of wonderful and Cool merchandise that will Blow your minds like:

This is Huge and it will make CUE Protocol more known to the Public since Bitcoin Wardrobe Store has a Huge Client Database with people buying its products from across the Globe!

But the most Important Fact is that You the Holders of CUE Token will have the privilege and Ability to Buy everything on the Store with your CUE Tokens!!! Yes you read correctly, everything on the Store will be Available for you to purchase with CUE!

That’s all for now, but don’t Relax yet, because in a couple of days another Great Partnership will be announced…

Author: Michael Douranos

A community driven protocol with deflationary mechanics.

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