CUE Protocol NFT’s

CUE Protocol’s first three NFT’s were released May 17th

Demand for Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has become extremely strong this year! NFT’s are digital assets that represent real world objects covering a vast space from music, drawings, paintings, photos, and even quotes and tweets! Some of these NFT’s worth Millions of Dollars, but most of them are worthless failing to follow the hype…

NFT’s are mostly been purchased with CryptoCurrencies and more than $170,000,000 have been spent on them since 2017! They’re also mostly unique digital items, a fact which creates immense scarcity and rarity. Keep in mind that digital content outside of CryptoCurencies is almost infinite in supply…you can simply copy and paste it… and that’s one reason of why NFT’s are rallying in terms of value!

Many NFT’s that are for sale these days of hype, are digital creations that already exist somewhere in the real world and although they might cost enormous amounts of money, you can watch them or save them on your laptop or phone for free, so why should you spent millions of dollars for an NFT? The answer is that an NFT allows the buyer to own the original item! and also it contains built-in authentication, which serves as proof of ownership… Simple as that… it’s just impossible to replicate it!

The raw truth is that most NFT’s although they worth millions now, in the not so distant future will lose their value and will retreat to lower levels or even disappear. There are two reasons that will lead to that outcome, lack of innovation and lack of creativity!

Innovation and Creativity are the same two reasons on why CUE Protocol’s NFT’s will rise and prevail, without demanding insane amounts of money from the community!

Three New NFT’s have been released from CUE Protocol:

CUE Bull Worker NFT
CUE Bull Burglar NFT
CUE Bull Mechanic NFT

All three NFT’s are completely Hand Drawn with immense detail and accuracy from a dedicated NFT Artist. They are later digitized and uploaded on the Blockchain!

These are the first three of the Bull NFT series and others are being designed at the time of the writing of this article. Other series will follow and will stand out from the multitude of NFT’s out there.

All the above can be purchased and obtained here: and only 200 will be minted of each!

This creates extreme rarity and guarantees resale value in the future.

Another strong feature is that if you Own at least one NFT then you become eligible for Staking your Precious CUE Tokens! This is only one Benefit of many to come for CUE NFT holders!

Another two NFT’s have already been released before the Bull Series:

Earnable NFT’s by holding CUE

Buy and Hold CUE for 90 days and you get the CUE Diamond Hands NFT.

Buy and Hold CUE for 45 days and you get the CUE Strong Hands NFT.

These are not just Gifts to the community from the CUE Protocol team but rather the opportunity for Great Future Profits and encourage buyers to Hold and change their lives than sell for a quick profit destroying any future profit potential…

CUE price is now around $75, it’s been traded on Pancake Swap and its Market Cap is at around$1,000,000!

CUE has the full potential of immense growth within the Binance Chain. Price and Market Cap are extremely low and it has just started its journey. CUE NFT’s are unique and will keep adding value to the token!

Are you ready to make the right decision and become part of the CUE community?

Author: @MichailDouranos




A community driven protocol with deflationary mechanics.

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CUE Protocol

CUE Protocol

A community driven protocol with deflationary mechanics.

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