CUE Protocol Introduction — By Michael Douranos

CUE Protocol
3 min readMay 17, 2021

We need to take a breath and realize the heights the Crypto Industry has reached… Who could expect that Crypto Giants like Ethereum and Dot would retreat in front of a new wave of Platforms and Projects built on… Binance Smart Chain (BSC)!

Binance Smart Chain has seen such immense growth since its perception a few months ago, sending BNB and BUSD to new levels of adoption and daily use! I won’t tire you with numbers, but i will only say that dozens of Crypto Projects and Platforms have already moved to BSC from the Ethereum Blockchain or planning to move, in the near future…

By looking the above picture you get a pretty good idea of what’s happening right now on Binance Smart Chain an why there is so much hype! The list of Projects is keep rising and already a categorization is occuring, with many Projects covering a diverse field of operations and utility… Crypto Wallets, Gaming, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Tooling are the most common types of Platforms that are been developed as we speak by thousands of developers and innovative minds across the Globe.

But i want to drive your attention to one Project that it is on the above list and you probably haven’t heard of, or you don’t know enough about it…

CUE Protocol is a Tooling Platform, fully built and developed on the Binance Smart Chain! As of the time of this article, CUE Protocol has released a complete and fully functional Voting Dapp:

DAO Voting Dapp And Hub

The DAO voting dapp will allow holders to vote on the usage of the governance wallet which accrues 2.5% of each transaction of the CUE token.

Non-holders obviously cannot take part in the votes. The holders will decide whether to BURN or spend the tokens on the project itself such as marketing or development ideas the community feel would benefit the token utility outside of our own development budget. This ensures holders are in control of the supply. The governance wallet belongs to the holders and that means 100% of it too.

The governance wallet will receive 2.5% of every transaction but it will also receive a % of any dapp fees generated by the dapps usage, this ensures the governance wallet will be turning over tokens constantly.

The Hub is where all the action will happen, from DAO voting and NFT’s to using CUE dapps and keeping track of all the announcements, social media, and price action of the CUE token.

That’s it for now. Over the next days i will publish more articles about CUE Protocol’s new releases: NFT’s and the CUE Diligence DAPP…

Stay well, Hold CUE!

Author: Michael Douranos @douranos



CUE Protocol

A community driven protocol with deflationary mechanics.