CUE Protocol Introduces VAAS

Today we announce a new product for $CUE Protocol!

🔥 VAAS — Voting as a Service.

✅ We are in the process of converting our voting platform so other projects can use it.

✅ Projects will create votes based on their own token and allow their own holders to have votes through the CUE Hub.

✅ Projects will be able to setup votes and setup minimum holdings required etc., for voting.

✅ Each vote setup will require a fee, and the tokenomics are simple:

50% to the development fund and 50% to the governance wallet.

All fees will be collected in BNB.

Projects will be able to hold “X” CUE in order for this fee to be waived, adding to our holding culture.




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CUE Protocol

CUE Protocol

A community driven protocol with deflationary mechanics.