CUE Protocol Dapps

CUEDiligence | RUG Prevention and DYOR platform.

Here is a bit more information on our upcoming apps which are being developed right now.

The reason we decided to name ourselves as a “protocol” was so we did not have to pigeon hole ourselves as a specific sector within crypto. If we have a great idea we want to build it and have these great ideas in one place all using the same token.

For instance, we are building a dapp to help crypto investors avoid getting rugged on potential investments which is happening every day. Even us developers have fallen victim to these on the odd occasion.

So the below will outline our DAO and One other dapp which we are working on without giving too many details away.


The DAO voting dapp will allow our holders to vote on the usage of the governance wallet which accrues 2.5% of each transaction of the CUE token.

Non-holders obviously cannot take part in the votes.

The holders will decide wether to BURN or spend the tokens on the project itself such as marketing or development ideas the community feel would benefit the token utility outside of own own development budget.

This ensures holders are in control of the supply.

The governance wallet belongs to the holders, 100% of it too.

The governance wallet will receive 2.5% of every transaction but it will also receive a % of any dapp fees generated by the dapp’s usage.

This ensures the governance wallet will be turning over tokens constantly.


CUEDiligence | RUG Prevention and DYOR platform.

The second dapp is going to help crypto investors avoid potential rug projects and the dapp will help investors to make better investment decisions.

The dapp will also help crypto projects shine a good light on themselves as a valid investment opportunity.

This platform will allow all crypto projects to join us so that our platform can start proofing them as a valid project and investment.

Projects will pay a CUE service fee to access this platform, this will be split between governance and development funds.

We are teaming up with many projects out there which will add to the validity of project proofing such as auditors, KYC, launchpads, advisors and capital investment firms.

Everything will be logged on a project, meaning investors can make extremely competent decisions in one place such as audits, KYC, questions/answers, fud/rumour quashes, token information, team member info such as past projects etc.

Projects will be able to buy/apply for audits and KYC from this platform, these will then be published on the platform for viewing.

Projects will be able log information and answer any questions regarding their projects, such as FAQ, etc. This will allow all important info to be in one place.

It will be a one stop shop of analysing a project and it will make doing due diligence a breeze.

We want to bring all the best people in one place, the best people will help us proof these projects but it will all be driven from the project themselves as we can see what they are doing and NOT doing, if they are not putting in the work, why not?

The platform will also analyse social sentiment as social media can sometimes have more information than anything else, but we can also determine if the sentiment behind the information is positive or negative.

There are other elements within the platform that we won’t divulge at this time.

The utility for this dapp is that the project will need to pay CUE for access and then hold “X” CUE to maintain access. If a project really wants to validate themselves then they will not have an issue with this.


This is something we want to keep close at this time but it will benefit a wide number of use cases and give great utility to anyone who holds crypto in general.

Stay tuned.


Our team are experienced developers and have a vast experience in development and blockchain.

Our expertise don’t just lie in crypto though, we are seasoned app developers for both iOS and Android.

Our team has created enterprise applications for web and desktop for years across their own separate ventures.

We are passionate about crypto, we live and breathe it, you are in safe hands and will be in even safer hands when our second app is released.




A community driven protocol with deflationary mechanics.

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CUE Protocol

CUE Protocol

A community driven protocol with deflationary mechanics.

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