CUE Protocol AMA 7th May 2021

See the below transcript from our first self hosted AMA.

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Q1) have you faced any difficulties in creating staking without inflation? is there a rough timeline for a staking issue?

Hi Ilya, good to see you again.

It’s been smooth, mainly because the first staking is being funded by the last vote we had.

We expect it to be ready next week for auditors and then we can release when the audit is finished.

The staking itself will have limited places to ensure an attractive return.

We will also have lockup durations during staking.

Q2) If you hold the cue for strong hands in your trust wallet, how does it count for application to get the NFT?

If you hold 20 CUE for 45 days you will get the Strong Hands NFT.

The cut-off date to start holding is tomorrow.

Q3) Moreover how will you get to claim it?

It will either be airdropped to or you will claim it from the CUE Hub, we have not decided on which one yet.

Q4) Thanks, so the 45 days starts from tomorrow, or from the day you’ve held it? Trust Wallet holds count right?

The holding period started on the 23rd of April.

Q5) So if someone has started holding 20 cue let’s say since yesterday?

You would qualify for the NFT and need to hold for 45 days since yesterday.

Q6) How is cue diligence going?

It’s coming along well.

The bulk of the platform is built.

We need to build out the onboarding side of things and then run more tests with test data (projects).

After this we will release a BETA where we will add some real-world projects ourselves in order to test and have users interact with the platform.

After this we will release it fully so any project can onboard and list.

Q7) What benefit $CUEers get out of cue diligence?

Good question.

Projects themselves will need to pay to list on CUEDiligence.

The revenue from this will be split into governance funds and company funds which can be used for marketing, development or buybacks for burns etc.

Users will need to hold an “X” amount of CUE to access certain features of the platform, so this will encourage people to hold a small amount of CUE to access premium features.

This in turn should create a demand for the token and drive price.

We also plan to roll out advertising on the platform and use this as revenue which in turn can be used for staking etc.

But CUE holders will benefit from the price increases and also get to access the premium features of the platform.

Q8) Sounds cool. Thinking if each TG members holds at least 1.5 $CUE

The idea behind the premium features is the same as DEXTOOLS or POOCOIN, it’s a great model to increase holders but also steadily drive price.

Q9) About The project list on cue diligence… Cue will take care of the auction, the launch, will there be any benefits for the holders of NFTs? Or are the projects listed for simple investor consultation?

At the moment the platform will not feature a launchpad but we plan to integrate with existing launchpads which will allow our platform to be linked to launchpads etc.

We want CUEDiligence to be like a CMC or Coingecko but with investigative aspects to prevent RUGS and also onchain, with logs etc.

In terms of NFT’s, we will have benefits for most of them and CUEDiligence will be part of this.

Q10) Will there be a vote for listing on an average exchange and what should be the CUE price to get it listed?

There are constant discussions going on about how to execute our CEX plan.

We have had offers from many exchanges.

If we do decide to go for a tier 2 exchange, we will want to make sure they can integrate our transaction tax, some of them have been open to this.

The goal is to achieve a price in the $2,000 area as this would give us a solid position for a tier-one CEX.

Also from a business perspective, we have things in place to set up as a legitimate business should a tier 1 exchange require it.

Binance is possible at around $1,600 per CUE. Other things need to be in place but that’s our target and always will be.

Q11) Any plans for partnering?

Currently, we have partnered with Cerik, Quill Audits and RD Audits.

We will have more for sure.

Q12) Regarding NFT, are we going to launch the NFT marketplace if not no plans to partner with any of the NFT market place(s) DAO?

Our NFT’s will be able to purchase through our CUE Hub, but they will also be compatible with the BEP20 marketplaces too who follow the NFT standard.

So holders of the NFT’s are free to place them for sale on other market places.

Q13) Guys, some little spoiler about Safehaven???? 😁

Well, this is an ambitious concept right now.

It has the potential to solve a really serious issue in crypto which scares many investors or retail investors.

That’s all we can say, but it is a concept, but we feel it can work.

Q14) Now we have a bull market, so it’s like rocket fuel for the project, are we prepare for the time when the bull market will be over?

Bull or Bear we will be here building.

At just over $1M market cap our floor is already close, so I don't imagine we would drop off too much.

We still believe if a bear market came tomorrow, we would still grow against most tokens due us being so undervalued right now.

Finance wise it would not affect development, we are not a young team, we have earned good money over the years during our careers, so we are in a great position.

Q15) Launch date of $cuedilligence is still at the end of Q2? Is it possible to specify more precisely that period?

We do hope to have it in BETA earlier than that.

See you at the next AMA…

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