It’s been two weeks since our last development update, and here is our latest edition.


We anticipate that the lottery dapp will be ready this week.

We are waiting on an unofficial check of our claim function to ensure it cannot be exploited, and then our first lottery will launch.

The token tokenomics of the lottery are as follows:

  1. 50% to the prize fund.
  2. 35% to the staking fund.
  3. 10% to the charity fund, which will use
  4. 5% will be moved to the burn wallet for burning.

All transactions are subject to the 2.5% governance fee, which will help these funds grow.

We will also help fund the initial lotteries to make the prize find more attractive until we gain traction.


CUE Protocol’s first NFT collection (Bull Collection)

We revealed our first set of NFT’s and passed the cut-off dates for earning the Diamond Hands NFT and the Strong Hands NFT.

The first NFT will ready for sale this week. Each NFT we release will have limited availability, so get in quick as each one will have a use case.

Collect the set for the mother of all use cases.

It’s worth noting that it will be extremely rare to own the whole set, so act quick.

All NFT’s will be compatible for sale on most BSC NFT marketplaces, so you can trade them freely.


The CUEDiligence Teaser Trailer

Things are going very well, we have the platform built, and we are now moving on to the onboarding side of things which is the section that will allow projects to list and pay the fee.

Once this is ready and tested, we will be releasing a closed BETA followed by an OPEN BETA before full release.


Staking has been started, and we are currently building our staking contract. Once it’s ready will publish the rates and the availability restrictions, so stay tuned.


All of the above will be audited, and details of who and when will be announced very soon.

See you next time.




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CUE Protocol

CUE Protocol

A community driven protocol with deflationary mechanics.