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CUE Protocol
A community driven protocol with deflationary mechanics.

CUE Protocol has been releasing New things, constantly, since the very beginning of it, building and testing New platforms and Dapps on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the fastest developing Chain on the Market!

Voting Dapp, NFT Market Place, CUE Diligence Dapp etc are just some of the many projects the CUE Protocol Team is planning on releasing this year only, with most of them almost ready to get released to the public and offer a complete new Crypto Experience with Innovation being the standard approach

So…beside of all the Technical stuff that are necessary and crucial for the safe and…

Our Lottery Dapp has passed all tests.

✅ We have prepared the CUE Hub and will now set up the wallets for the tokenomics:

👉 35% Staking Wallet

👉 10% Charity Fund

👉 5% Burn Wallet

✅ Our first lottery will launch on Monday @ 1 PM UTC, and you will be able to buy ticket(s).

✅ The lottery uses a fair distribution/winner policy:

👉 Participants can buy as many tickets as they want.

👉 Each ticket equals 1 entry in the lottery draw.

👉 This means if you buy 5 tickets, you will have 5 chances to win.


Today we announce a new product for $CUE Protocol!

🔥 VAAS — Voting as a Service.

✅ We are in the process of converting our voting platform so other projects can use it.

✅ Projects will create votes based on their own token and allow their own holders to have votes through the CUE Hub.

✅ Projects will be able to setup votes and setup minimum holdings required etc., for voting.

✅ Each vote setup will require a fee, and the tokenomics are simple:

50% to the development fund and 50% to the governance wallet.

All fees will be collected in BNB.

Projects will be able to hold “X” CUE in order for this fee to be waived, adding to our holding culture.


CUEDiligence is coming

We have been launched just over 2 months, and we have been working tirelessly on all fronts and, of course, on our flagship Dapp CUEDiligence formerly known as Dapp Two :-D.

Below we cover everything we have planned for the platform, and some things have changed during the evolution of the project.

The Road to Full Release

This will involve multiple releases throughout the early stages before full release.

First of all, we will be doing internal private testing. This will allow us to make sure that the basics work and that tracking tokens is seamless.

Initially, this will be tailored to Binance Smart Chain…

CUE Protocol’s first three NFT’s were released May 17th

Demand for Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has become extremely strong this year! NFT’s are digital assets that represent real world objects covering a vast space from music, drawings, paintings, photos, and even quotes and tweets! Some of these NFT’s worth Millions of Dollars, but most of them are worthless failing to follow the hype…

NFT’s are mostly been purchased with CryptoCurrencies and more than $170,000,000 have been spent on them since 2017! They’re also mostly unique digital items, a fact which creates immense scarcity and rarity. …

We need to take a breath and realize the heights the Crypto Industry has reached… Who could expect that Crypto Giants like Ethereum and Dot would retreat in front of a new wave of Platforms and Projects built on… Binance Smart Chain (BSC)!

Binance Smart Chain has seen such immense growth since its perception a few months ago, sending BNB and BUSD to new levels of adoption and daily use! …

An ULTRA RARE NFT from CUE Protocol’s Bull Collection

How is CUE Protocol’s NFT’s made?

Well, to prove that all of our NFT’s are original and created from scratch by our very talented artist, we made a little video showing the process of one of our killer NFT’s from our second collection.

All of our NFT’s are unique and created from scratch, hand-drawn and then digitised.

See the below video to see our artist in action creating one of our favourite NFT’s:

Our artist creating one of CUE Protocol’s NFT’s from scratch

See you soon!


It’s been two weeks since our last development update, and here is our latest edition.


We anticipate that the lottery dapp will be ready this week.

We are waiting on an unofficial check of our claim function to ensure it cannot be exploited, and then our first lottery will launch.

The token tokenomics of the lottery are as follows:

  1. 50% to the prize fund.
  2. 35% to the staking fund.
  3. 10% to the charity fund, which will use
  4. 5% will be moved to the burn wallet for burning.

All transactions are subject to the 2.5% …

See the below transcript from our first self hosted AMA.

Remember, we host our own AMA every Friday at 4PM UTC in our Telegram group:

Q1) have you faced any difficulties in creating staking without inflation? is there a rough timeline for a staking issue?

Hi Ilya, good to see you again.

It’s been smooth, mainly because the first staking is being funded by the last vote we had.

We expect it to be ready next week for auditors and then we can release when the audit is finished.

The staking itself will have limited places to ensure an…


The Lottery platform is almost ready and we hope to roll out the first one next week.


The NFT platform is on track and is still due to be released in May with our first NFT collection, which has already been designed. It will bring out the bull in you.

Stay tuned for previews!


✅ We have started the development of our staking platform. This includes vesting periods and limited spaces will be available for stakers based on the pool size, so stay tuned for more updates on this. 👀


✅ CUEDiligence is in testing with…

CUE Protocol

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